Triple Effect Participants


    Kim Hodge

    KIM HODGE recently found the love of her life online and married her veteran/first responder husband Nick Hodge who has complex PTSD. She was naive about PTSD and alcohol abuse. Kim gave up her graphic design business and she is attempting to juggle caring for Nick while producing an artist book, PTSD & Love, which she hopes helps her relationship and other couples in similar situations.

    Catherine Sadler

    CATHERINE SADLER grew up living in Gympie Fire Station and watched her mother cope with her father’s role as Chief Officer. Cathy is married to veteran Ralph Sadler who has complex PTSD, they have two beautiful children. She worries about intergenerational trauma and does art and crafts with her children, as she did with her mother. Cathy gave up being a lawyer and hopes to gain employment but is unsure if she can juggle work with her role as carer, wife and mother.

    Katie Tonacia

    KATIE TONACIA married her teenage sweetheart David Tonacia, and they have three adult children. David, former AFP Officer, was diagnosed with complex PTSD after coming home from deployment. Katie felt stigmatised in her AFP job for doing community work for PTSD. Katie was given a direction from the AFP to stop her community work and this had negative effects on her health. She wants to educate about Post Traumatic Growth and stomp out stigma in the workplace