Update #21 - January 2018

This year I am completing my doctoral research. 2018 is a year to shine!

This project is currently seeking funding.

Contact Producer Kym Melzer for more details.

Update #20 - October 2017

G'day... we (aka film crew) have been working really hard behind the scenes getting 'pitch' ready. We're not quite there yet, which means more hours (insert weeks) of work to get documents and a teaser trailer produced. We have expanded our small crew.β€―

Update #19

August 2017 Behind the scenes crew photos – girls in sync on set

Update #18

June 24th 2017- Day 3 of our Canberra location shoot for The Ripple Effect: TRIPLE ZERO was one to remember. We were on top of a mountain in the pretty country town of Tarago with breathtaking 360' views. The milky way danced in the dark sky above mesmerising and delighting our eyes. The campfire crackled and warmed the chilly evening while the BBQ sizzled with sausages and the cooked onions gave it all the perfect Aussie country camping aroma. Thank you to Kate Tonacia, the Tonacia family and friends for pitching in and making this night and film shoot so memorable. Thank you also to the crew, Cam and Arun. Cam Brennan, Arun K Gartner

Photo: filming camping scene just outside Canberra for The Ripple Effect: TRIPLE ZERO

Update #17

June 20th 2017 - Hello! Wow it's a wrap in Canberra! We have had an incredibly jam packed 4 day film trip to Canberra for The Ripple Effect: TRIPLE ZERO series. Massive thanks to my dedicated film crew, Arun K Gartner aka 'just one more' & Cam Brennan aka 'our essential man' who always work extremely hard to get the best out of every film shoot. We had a very successful film trip and we're really happy to have achieved so much, it could not have happened without the enthusiasm and commitment by the film participants: David & Kate Tonacia and their children Sarah, James & friends especially Ben and his dad Rick, also film participant Fenji Stradwick and Fenji's workplace colleagues at ACT Ambulance Service, and also the staff at Hyson Green, Calvary Bruce Private Hospital. A huge THANK YOU for all pitching in at any moment and collaborating to help us make it so successful. It was a privilege to be warmly welcomed into all your homes and workplaces. We had a blast. A quote from a friend of a friend in regards to our filmmaking trip.... 'exhaustion is temporary, film is forever!' Behind the scenes photos from the 4 days will be posted shortly. Again thanks to everyone that supported us in Canberra this trip, including the film crews family, much love, Kym ❀️ 🎬 πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Photo: Kate, Sarah, David and Fenji experimenting with pop flowart, Canberra.

Update #16

June 16th 2017 -We're not in Queensland anymore πŸ˜‚ Picked up Cam...ready for Day 1 in Canberra

Photo: Cam in Canberra

June 16th 2017 -It's a wrap for day 1 of our Canberra trip. Change of climate is obvious in our clothes. You can tell who's not a local πŸ˜‚ Thank you to Dave & Katie Tonacia, and Fenji Stradwick...more to come tomorrow! Arun K Gartner, Cam Brennan, Kym Melzer, Kate Tonacia, Fenji Stradwick, Fenji Stradwick Art

Photo: DOP Arun filming Kate Tonacia at Lake George

Update #15

June 15th 2017 - We have arrived safely in Canberra. It is 2 degrees 😳 we're getting ready for a warm nights sleep before our first big day of filming tomorrow 🎬 😊 πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Photo: Kym and Arun in Canberra

Update #14

June 3rd 2017 -Look out for more fun behind the scenes selfies of this good looking film crew when we head off to Canberra in 2 weeks πŸ“· πŸ›£ 🀳🏻 ❀️...can anyone ever just take one selfie

Photo: L-R: Arun, Kym and Cam back in Brisbane

Update #13

May 31st 2017 -We finished our 4 day film trip yesterday wrapping up in breathtaking, Maleny. Big thanks to Kim & Nick Hodge, and many thanks to Carolyn, Jenny, Donna, and Barbara for your laughter and participation on set. We (Arun, Cam & I, aka film crew) are extremely grateful for your support for The Ripple Effect: Triple Zero documentary. Much love Kym Melzer, Arun K Gartner, Cam Brennan, Kim Hodge, Nicholas Hodge, Donna Reggett, Barbara Pullin

Update #12

May 30th 2017 - Day 1 Maleny (day 3 of film trip) such a picturesque pretty place. We worked extremely long hours and were rewarded with outstanding results. Huge thanks to the hardest working crew, Arun Ketsirat & Cam Brennan and heartfelt thanks to both Kim & Nick Hodge for allowing us to film in their home. Much love to Kim for giving us 'one more' shot (multiple times) and many thanks to Kim's mum Carolyn for her support. We are filming day 2 in Maleny and look forward to sharing more with you shortly. 😘 ❀️ 🎬 πŸ™πŸ»

Photo: L-R: Donna, Carolyn, Cam, Nick, Kim, Kym, Jenny and Barbara.

Photo: L-R: Donna, Carolyn, Cam, Nick, Kim, Arun, Jenny and Barbara.

Photo: beautiful Maleny countryside

Photo: Filming Kim working her letterpress - Maleny

Photo: L-R: Kim, Cam, Kym and Arun in Maleny

Update #11

May 29th 2017 - We had another successful Day 2 filming in Gympie... many thanks to Cathy Sadler, her gorgeous children (who loved being behind the camera and in front of it) and loving parents (who were so accommodating and hospitable). So grateful for your support for The Ripple Effect: TRIPLE ZERO. Big thanks to the Gympie Fire Station for allowing access to film again and to the fireman Jason Madge for jumping on board and being a crucial part of this story. Can't give away too many stay tuned!

Photo: Jason, Zoe and Arun

Update #10

May 27th 2017 -Day 1 of our 4 day filming trip to Gympie & Maleny....What a stunning way to start our day at Brooyar State Forest. Thanks so much to my fantastic film crew Arun & Cam, and Cathy Sadler (her parents, & children) for a wonderful day. ❀️ 🎬 πŸ™ŒπŸ» Stay tuned πŸŒ„ The Ripple Effect: TRIPLE ZERO coming soon!

Photo: Brooyar State Forest.

Update #9

May 6th – New cover photo for our Facebook page

Update #8

23rd April 2017- Very honoured to be filming Daryl Elliott Green and his lovely father Alan...such a close family. Thank You! ❀️

Photo: Daryl, Kym and Alan - Brisbane

Update #7

On Saturday 4th March, we had an amazing day filming at Gympie Fire Station for The Ripple Effect: TRIPLE ZERO documentary. Massive thanks to QFES (Queensland Fire & Emergency Services) Gympie Station, Anthony Brewin (Station Officer), Matthew Ginns (Senior Fire Fighter), Douglas Westlake (Senior Fire Fighter), and Ben Walker (Senior Fire Fighter) for giving us unlimited access to the station and for being so hospitable. We are extremely grateful...thank you! It was a very emotional and nostalgic day of filming as Cathy Sadler grew up in this building (Gympie Fire Station) when her father, A.J (aka John) Corbet, was the Chief Officer. Huge thanks to Cathy and her wonderful father John for the stellar effort required for this shoot. The footage looks amazing thanks to the super talented Cinematographer, Arun Ketsirat. Thank you Arun! I can't wait until everyone can see this very special part of Cathy's story in The Ripple Effect: TRIPLE ZERO....stay tuned! Heartfelt thanks to you all <3

Left to Right: John Corbet (former Chief Officer), Douglas Westlake (Senior Fire Fighter), Matthew Ginns (Senior Fire Fighter), Cathy Sadler, Anthony Brewin (Station Officer), Kym Melzer, Ben Walker (Senior Fire Fighter) – Gympie Fire Station, Queensland.

Behind the scene The Ripple Effect: TRIPLE ZERO, John Corbet and daughter Cathy Sadler, with Cinematographer (adjusting lights) Arun Ketsirat.

Photos: Left - Production Meeting selfie: Kym Melzer & Cathy Sadler. Right - John Corbet – Behind the scene from The Ripple Effect: TRIPLE ZERO, filming inside Gympie Fire Station.

Update #6

Pleased to announce a dear friend and very talented photographer, veteran Richard McLaren, has joined The Ripple Effect: TRIPLE ZERO crew. Richard featured in my documentary film series, Coming Home. In his story he speaks about being diagnosed with PTSD and using photography as therapy. I am thrilled Richard will be snapping photos and video for behind the scenes of the TRIPLE ZERO film series. Richard and I recently caught up with Daryl Elliott Green and his lovely dad, Alan to start working on Daryl’s TRIPLE ZERO story.

Photo: Richard McLaren

Photo: Richard McLaren

Photo: Richard McLaren

Photo: Kym Melzer

Update #5

Production for The Ripple Effect of PTSD: TRIPLE ZERO commenced in 2016 and filming will continue throughout 2017, we are all super excited to bring this new documentary series to you. More TRIPLE ZERO Participant updates coming soon....Watch this space!

The Ripple Effect: TRIPLE ZERO participants: Daryl Elliot Green, Kim & Nick Hodge, Kate Tonacia, and Cathy Sadler (pictured with daughter)

Update #4

In January 2017, I visited Kim Hodge to see her beautiful Lino print artwork on display at the Arts & Ecology centre, Tanawha. Kim uses art as a form of therapy. Such amazing printmaker artists showcasing their it. Got some B roll still photos while I was there.

Photo: Kim Hodge aka Kim Herringe Art & Kym Melzer

Update #3

October 2016, production started on The Ripple Effect: TRIPLE ZERO featuring Kate & David Tonacia. Jam packed weekend of filming in Canberra with the wonderful Cinematographer Arun Ketsirat. Below are a few sneak peak behind the scenes photos of us capturing a lot of B roll footage and trying to avoid the snakes!

Photo: Arun testing the camera

Photos: Producer/Director-Kym Melzer & Cinematographer-Arun Ketsirat

Update #2

***The Ripple Effect of PTSD - Part Two series, featuring family of Australian first responders is in Production***
HEARTFELT THANKS to David and Kate Tonacia (and their family) for agreeing to share their personal and positive PTSD story in the next The Ripple Effect of PTSD film series. Education is vital in helping people understand the struggles and impact of PTSD, and both Katie and David have found educating others about mental health a form of therapy in their own PTSD journey. David posted the below article on his Facebook page and has allowed me to re-post it, it gives you a bit of a backstory to their journey so far....
Kate Tonacia and her husband know at first hand what PTSD can do to individuals and their families. David Tonacia, Picking Up The Peaces' co-founder and training director, was one of the Australian Federal Police sent to the Solomon Islands in 2006 to restore law and order. The experience changed his life forever and, after he was diagnosed with PTSD on his return, his wife saw the need for a charity and support group to help others in the same plight. She has since been recognised with an Order of Australia Medal and a Churchill Fellowship.
"PTSD and its associated health difficulties can be overlooked or even denied within our uniformed services," Mrs Tonacia said.
"There is a stigma that makes these personnel believe they are seen as weak or soft and that their careers will be jeopardised if they acknowledge they are suffering and seek treatment. Families are crumbling under the strain."
Mr Tonacia was the first Australian to publicly acknowledge his struggle with deployment related PTSD. Mrs Tonacia said this willingness to open up was vital if the damage was to stop.
"PTSD and mental health issues are at the stage where HIV was in the 1980s – people were afraid to come out," she said. "The way to fight this is to talk openly about it; to normalise it”.

Photo shared with permission: Kate and David Tonacia

Update #1

Kim and Nick Hodge are newly weds. Kim has lived with depression and anxiety for most of her adult life, so she was not put off when Nick told her on their first date he had PTSD, Anxiety Disorder and Conversion Disorder as a result of his service as an infantry soldier and service with the AFP (Australian Federal Police). Their relationship and love grew quickly. Kim found great support and friends online with Operations PTSD Support group on Facebook. She also finds her artwork a form of therapy and is looking forward to presenting at an upcoming art exhibition. Nick enjoys helping other people and loves cooking. They are a beautiful couple who have an amazing story to share. The Ripple Effect of PTSD featuring Kim and Nick Hodge....COMING SOON!

photo: Kim & Nick Hodge