The Ripple Effect of PTSD featuring Marissa Josephs & veteran Andrea Josephs (Melzer, 2016)

Australian veteran Andrea Josephs was deployed to East Timor in 1997 as an Operator Supply. During Andrea’s time in the army she experienced verbal harassment, bullying, and sexual harassment. In 2004, Andrea went through a military court hearing that found one of her perpetrators charged and found guilty. Andrea was discharged two days later. In 2014, after fighting an invisible wound for ten years Andrea was diagnosed with PTSD. Andrea’s eldest daughter, 18 year-old Marissa Joseph’s was thrown into the adult world when Andrea attempted suicide, unfortunately Marissa was not taken seriously when her single mother was in hospital being treated and she had to fight for her and her three younger sisters to be heard by the doctors and psychiatrists.

This deeply personal story is one of heartbreak, love, resilience, and how a broken family stayed together through a very difficult time with the help of counselling from Veterans and Veterans Family Counselling Services (VVCS).