The Ripple Effect of PTSD featuring Liz and Scott Jackman (Melzer, 2016)

Liz Jackman was left wondering who helps the families when her husband Australian veteran Scott Jackman came home and told her the Army didn’t want him anymore. Scott served with 8/9 RAR and deployed to both East Timor and Afghanistan. During the 2012 deployment to Afghanistan Scott fell down the side of a mountain and sustained shoulder injuries. In 2013, Scott was up for a promotion but due to his back and neck injuries he was medically discharged with major depression and PTSD which was a bitter pill to swallow and lead to a downward spiral in Scott’s mental health.

Liz and Scott’s life changed forever when Scott received an assistance dog called Whiskey. Liz, Scott and their three terrific sons, Tim, Matt and Sam have battled the impact of PTSD and mental health issues together and become an even closer family. A raw and emotional film that will touch your heart, and is a must see for dog lovers.