The Ripple Effect of PTSD featuring Kirsty and James Greenshields’ (Melzer,2016)

Australian veteran James Greenshields denied his PTSD symptoms firstly because he was a front line soldier and didn’t want to be seen as weak and secondly because from his observation he believed that the military system wasn’t effective at helping soldiers with PTSD. James and his wife Kirsty found their marriage on shaky ground due to James’ PTSD denial. Desperate to help their marriage and her husband, Kirsty took action and dragged James’ arse to an emotional intelligence workshop and James admitted for the first time to other people he had a problem.

This was the catalyst that started the journey of their relationship and family life getting better, they worked together to overcome being stuck in the PTSD mud. James had many hurdles along the way however he kept taking steps forward and over a period of eighteen months he moved into Post Traumatic Growth. Kirsty and James have a cherished marriage blessed with two beautiful daughters. An inspirational and life changing story with a key message ‘Put Your Hand Up’.