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The Ripple Effect of PTSD featuring Donna Reggett (Melzer, 2016)

Donna Reggett is married to RAAF veteran Andrew Reggett. Donna says in 2001 the Twin Tower 9/11 terrorist attacks was the biggest trigger, setting her husband Andrew on a mental health downward spiral and the day after 9/11 he tried to commit suicide. Donna has spent years learning about PTSD and mental health, initially to help herself and her family, but later to help other veterans and their families. When Andrew was first diagnosed, there was no PTSD help or support for families. Sadly, when Donna needed help family and friends stopped visiting them and she felt isolated and alone.

Thankfully PTSD services improved and there is help now for family and carers. Donna founded Operation PTSD Support which supports those who care, she organises weekend respite getaways for the partners and carers and it has been a God send for many of them. Donna's lived experience is valuable in her mental health training courses. Her key message is ‘you are not alone’.