Coming Home Behind the Scenes

3rd December 2014 'Coming Home' privately premiered at the Currumbin RSL and the response to the films was evident in the glowing faces captured in the photos below. It was a significant moment of satisfaction and I was humbled by the positive reviews. The participants wanted to share their stories and agreed to allow the Currumbin RSL to distribute them online in a section on their website called 'Australia Remembers'. Thank you to everyone that supported 'Coming Home' it is important to get the message about PTSD out into the community. Thank you to Currumbin RSL and the Veterans' Support Centre for hosting this a special event. Thanks again to the wonderful participants, my family and friends, and everyone involved. Kym Melzer

Photos from Private Screening of Coming Home at Currumbin RSL, 3rd December 2014.

(Currumbin RSL Marketing Manager) Laura Prout, Kym Melzer, Naomi Enchong, John Enchong, (Defence Bank Foundation Executive Officer and Director at Young Diggers) Leanne Kyle, Toni, Karen McLaren.

Vietnam veteran Richard McLaren, Karen, Rwandan veteran John Enchong, Naomi, Toni, Vietnam veteran Joe Gates, Kym Melzer.

Vietnam veteran Richard McLaren, Karen, Rwandan veteran John Enchong, Kym Melzer, Vietnam veteran Joe Gates, Toni.

My son Jed, and loving parents Wally and Jean Ohl. Photo bombed by John Enchong. Jed said he thought John was like a funny uncle.

Pictured with my loving niece Sarah, gorgeous son Jed and my beautiful parents Wally and Jean Ohl, who were there to support my work.